Enhancing National Development through the enrichment of Quality in Teacher Education. 


1.   To enrich the curriculum with co-curricular activities and proper planning and effective implementation of curricular activities.

2.   Development of Scientific temper and scientific outlook among students.

3.   Freedom in academic and non-academic activities.

4.   Offering Educational guidance and counseling to the needy students.

5.    Inculcation of moral values among prospective teachers. 


1.  Contributing to communal development.

2.  Fostering the national competencies and global competencies among students.

3.  Inculcating the values of the idealism among students.

4.  Promoting best teaching skills.

5.  Promoting the use of technology.

6.  Guiding for high excellence. 


1.   To Offer quality teacher education and shape up the dynamic students to become teachers of high quality.

2.    To enrich the theoretical knowledge on teacher education and provide intensive training on teaching skills

3.    To develop teachers with social responsibilities and with social concern.

4.   To inculcate discipline, sincerity, devotion, and Patriotism in the young minds. 

5.    To expose the Teacher trainees to the current affairs and   technological advancement in the field of education.   

6.    To give intensive training in the process of guidance and counseling and develop awareness on natural social environment.   

7.    To give practical training in communal and social harmony to the young growing teachers.