1.  The Programme is aimed at generating teachers capable of handling a diverse set of teacher activities and meets the challenging demands of a quality teacher. The duration   of B.Ed., course is two years.

 2. Eligibility

         Any Bachelor degree from approved University with the following marks in part III of the Degree Course. 


       Community                      Minimum Marks     

        OC                                           50%

        BC                                           45%

        MBC /DNC                              43%

        SC/ST                                      40%


  Fees Sturcture

        BC/MBC/OC                                      Rs. 37,500/-

 3. Optional Subjects Offered

o    Tamil

o    English

o    Mathematics

o    Physical Science

o    Biological Sciences

o    Economics

o    Commerce

o    History

o    Geography


 4. Bachelor of Education 

            Total intake of students: 100 (Co-education)


4.1    Programme Content

The B.Ed., Programme consists of a theory component and a practical component. The programme is of annual pattern.


4.2    Theory

o    Core Courses

o    Elective Courses

o    Subject - Oriented methodology: Any two optional subjects


 4.3 Practical

o    Internship and practice Teaching

o    Activity based records

o    School based and community oriented activities.

  5. Records

                        The records are to be prepared for all practical activities of the students. 

5.1 Class room methodology

Lecture, Lecture Discussion / Group discussion, Tutorials, seminars, Brain storming sessions.

6. Requirements for successful completion of B.Ed., course and earning Credits 

6.1 Attendance

The B.Ed., course is of annual pattern. The duration of the course is 200+200=400 working days. This will include Observation classes and intensive Teaching practice. 

6.2 A student can appear at the end of the course only when he / she has  put in a minimum  attendance of 85% in each academic year. 

7.Evaluation Procedure

 7.1     Out of 100 marks allotted for core and elective papers 30 marks are allotted for Continuous Internal Assessment (C.I.A) and 70 marks for the annual external examinations. 

7.2  Details of C.I.A 

o    TEST                  - 10

o    SEMINAR           - 10

o    ASSIGNMENT    - 10

o    Total                    -30


7.3 Passing minimum for written Examination:

         Each candidate should apply for the written examination in the first attempt. A candidate shall be declared to have passed the Written Examination only if he or she secures not less than 50% in each of the six courses, with a minimum of 45% in the external examination in each paper. All other candidates shall be deemed to have failed in the Written Examination. A candidate who fails in one or more courses in the Written Examination shall be permitted to appear again only for those courses in which he/she failed.  

 Reappearance for Written Examination

             Each unsuccessful candidate shall be permitted to reappear for the Written Examinations within the next three consecutive academic years.  

Programme Content

Theory -First year

o    Core courses                                     :   7

Theory -Second year

o    Core courses                                     :   5



Teaching records & Teaching competency.

Practical Examination

      A panel consisting of Three Members duly appointed by the Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University will examine the teaching competency of each candidate and also his/her practical works / Records.